We have never had a construction team work that hard and efficiently. They had three different crews working at once; one for putting up stud walls, one for hanging drywall, and one electrical crew. In one short week we saw the second floor come into shape!

Doris and I went to the States for a short time and returned to Guatemala on June 9. We hit the decks running and have not stopped.

At one point we needed a boat to get into our house. This year has been unusually wet. Now during what is normally the dry summer season, we are getting rain and lots of it. The Mayor and her staff have helped us get some of the drainage problems straightened out so, hopefully, we will not see the water this high any more.

Pastor Dave Masters and Lester Yoder of Millersburg Church of God came down to pick up on electrical work. Jeremy Board also came to help. We must have been very busy the 10 days there were here because we didn't get one picture of them while they were working.

We did get a shot of everyone enjoying a strawberry and cream cake at the local Pizza Hut the night before they left.

Go to Nations, a missions organization, asked if we could possibly help them do a remote rural clinic. So, we all packed up our mobile medical bus and headed for Central Campisino. Two hours on very bad roads got us to our destination.

Half way there our fan belts on the air compressor flew off and we limped into the village before all our air was gone and the brakes came on.

Without an extra vehilce to go for parts, we looked for a local willing to make the run into town to buy belts to make the needed repairs.

The day Pastor Dave, Lester, and Jeremy left, we picked up a team from Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio. Sandy Andrassy and Pastor Tim Scofield led the team of nurses and medical students.

We had a full week planned for them. First, we went to the Mayan Village of Uaxactun for a rural medial clinic. This ancient village is one of the few Mayan archeolocial sites that still have people actually living there.  The First Lady of Guatemala's Office of Social Services asked us to go with them to service this extremely under-serviced location.

The next day the nurses did a training seminar for Hospital Shalom nurses and some specially invited nurses from the local area.  On Wendesday we invited all patients from a local home for the elderly to come for a physical evaluation and reading glasses.

Pray List & Needs

Please join us in prayer for:

  • Levi David Ewing, grandson of Dave & Jan Ewing. He will be receiving chemotherapy after his surgery at Saint Jude's Children Hospital in Memphis, TN.

  • Doris and I would like to have a missionary staff to head up every department of Hospital Shalom. Please pray for laborers.

  • Many of our missionaries are traveling at this time. Please pray for their safe journeys and prompt return to the mission field.

  • We need . . .Missionary Doctors, Missionary Nurses, Missionaries for Rural Outreaches, Missionary for Hospital Kitchen/Cleaning

  • Portable Generator for Outreaches

  • 4x4 Diesel Passenger Van

  • 2 Portable Ultrasound Units

Funding Needed

All contributions are tax deductible.  Click here for donation information.

  • Funding is needed to finish the second floor electrical.

  • Funding is also needed for the fixtures and plumbing for the 15 bathrooms.

  • Air conditioning for the second floor.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information in assisting us to see this Hospital move forward into the future.

Doris and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your prayerful and financial support. Without your help we could not be here changing lives for Jesus Christ.

We love you all and appreciate each one of you!


Tim  & Doris Spurrier

. . . . . . . .

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The Latest News from Guatemala:

The Only Thing Constant is Change

July 2012
Greetings from sunny but very wet San Benito, Guatemala!

Here at Hospital Shalom, things are always changing and that has never been truer than this year. Construction is moving at a rapid pace and we hope to be using our second floor before the end of theyear.

In April, Millwood, Inc., brought a large construction team. They came ready and prepared to work and work is exactly what they did!