It was January 1988 in Canton, Ohio, when Tim & Doris Spurrier and their two children, Joe and Amy, packed all of their belongings -- including their dreams -- into a 1972 Ford pick-up.

They drove five days through the United States, Mexico, and across the Guatemalan border. Previous to this trip, Doris and the children had never ventured outside the United States. However, when they crossed into Guatemala, Doris looked at Tim and said, “I feel like we’re home.”
For the next six years, the family operated a mission in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and it was during this time that they founded New Covenant World Missions.

In 1996, Tim and Doris relocated to the Peten jungle region in northern Guatemala. Over the course of the next decade, they raised the funds, located the resources, spear-headed the effort, and worked with local Guatemalan leaders to build Hospital Shalom, a state-of-the-art medical hospital in this very remote area.

However, this is more to our mission than simply meeting the physical and emotional needs of the people we're called to serve.  Although this, alone, is a noble endeavor, New Covenant World Missions continually seeks out opportunities to share the love and kindness of Jesus Christ with the people living in the Peten through personal ministry, Bible studies, prayer services, and leadership opportunities.

By providing healthcare for the body, education for the soul, and hope for the spirit, our goal is to address the various areas that keep the wonderful Guatemalan people from reaching their full potential.
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New Covenant World Missions
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Tim & Doris Spurrier, Founders